About me

First of all...so glad you're here!

My name is Elena (as you probably have noticed), I am from Barcelona but now I am living in Boston. I don't really know how to describe myself so I'm just gonna say a few general things that you  might want to know from me. My main weaknesses are that I'm very impatient, disorganized and people around me say that I have a strong caracter (...I hope that by strong they don't mean bad). But...I also have qualities! and I think that one of my qualities is that I have willpower and I always try to do everything I can do to get what I want. My main passion in this world is travelling and since I was a child I had the fortune to travel around the world. I am also very interested in politics, international relations and everything related to whats happening in our world. In adition to that  (as you may have also noticed) I like fashion and beauty. I am not a fashion victim at all, I just like clothes and harmonic combinations. I am very open-minded, curious and always ready to learn!